Hello, I’m Ben, and I love creating modern, digital, products that utilise the best of the modern software landscape .

We use semantic, compliant languages to produce modern, functional solutions.  We use platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Posterous, and Twitter to find the best solution to content and publishing. We solve problems. We see the web as a rich landscape of media and want to be a part of it. Users are fundamental in out process. Using iterative agile approaches ensures  building the right thing.

We like to keep things simple and produce, good quality, engaging software, products and content.

Our main business is the internet and websites, and we offer a range of services to accompany this platform, including; Blogs, Photography, Micro-blogging, Pod-casting, Social-media, Search Engine Optimisation, XHTML / CSS, Graphic and web  design, Video-casting, Web-marketing, Accessibility, eLearning, Performance / live events, VJ sets / live video casting, Video editing.

We often work with competitions, events, exhibitions, galleries and festivals to help them achieve success. This can take the form of live video broadcasting, installation and artwork, photographic and video documentation, website publishing and content production.

Creative – Digital – Publishing – Production – Development – Content – Training – Photography – Consultancy – Management – Design – Video